by Bob Zaruta, President/CEO, NWIRC

Bob Zaruta, President/CEO, NWIRC

The month of August marks a summer break for both of our Lean Together™ working groups. A good time to reflect and plan for the company visits in the coming months. Since initiating Lean Together™ , we have spoken with many companies about their journey in 2 Second Lean (a book by Paul Akers)…some participating in our working groups and some not. One of the companies, American Turned Products (ATP), has been into 2 Second Lean for 3 years and they have some great insights. Scott Eighmy, ATP CEO, said, “the hardest part is getting started and there are a few basic and critically important things that must be in place to be successful.” Here are the three things he advised:

1) Top management must be ‘all in’! Sounds simple, but 2 Second Lean will not work without it.

2) Managers must read the 2 Second Lean book and have a basic understanding of the process.

3) Commit to having daily communication meetings. Understanding the book and the 2 Second Lean process is very simple. The ‘buy-in’ and commitment are tough, but 100% necessary to make it work.

ATP noted that their biggest success in going through this process is a change in culture and improvement in overall communications within the company. Their daily meetings evolved from 30-40 minutes to 10 minutes or less, and are very productive. Scott says they have a long way to go, but all they need to do is get better every day.

Many of the companies we spoke with mentioned the daily meetings as a key to getting started and that the key challenge is employee attitudes and participation. The team at Viking Plastics has been an inspiration to many companies starting to implement 2 Second Lean. CEO, Kelly Goodsel, and Engineering Manager, Shawn Gross, have spoken for our Lean Together™ kick-off meetings and have also opened their doors for a session. Their team is proud of their continuous improvement accomplishments to the extent of posting successes on social media. Recently they posted, “We have a ‘fix what bugs us’ mentality. Working together and keeping our team on the same page is important to the success of our lean journey”. This post included a video of employees fixing a cart that was very difficult to push. This demonstrates that 2 Second Lean really is about the small wins.

We are excited about the 2 Second Lean discussions and ‘Go to See’ visits at companies in the coming months. A new Lean Together™ working group is now forming for Elk and Clearfield counties, so manufacturers in those areas…start thinking about ‘What bugs you?’ and contact us to get involved.


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