In her own words: Amy Bowser, Assembly Supervisor, Beverage-Air

What or who fueled your interest in manufacturing?

I was looking for a chance from the nursing field.

What is your current role in manufacturing?

I am the Assembly Supervisor.

Describe your path to get to where you are today.

I started working on the assembly lines for a 2 years before I was moved into a Team lead role for line 2. They added a spur line to line 2 which had me supervising roughly 30 people. I was a Team Lead for about 3 1/2  years before moving into a supervisor role.

What is your Superpower?

The ability to work with all kinds of different people and personalities. I am also able to see problems as they arise and act quickly to fix them.

Why is your role important to others – like to customers or end users?

I bring positivity and motivation where and when its needed, I help keep things running smoothly so that we can meet our goals for the day and our customers can get their products as fast as possible.

What do you think the future holds for your career or others you inspire?

Future goals are to keep excelling in the position that I currently hold, and continue inspiring other Team Leads and Teams to excel in their positions and further their careers.