The B2B website, TriState Manufacturers Marketplace (TSM), is showing big results with leads and collaboration among regional manufacturers. Developed and maintained by weCreate, a full-service industrial marketing and website design agency, the site is seeing steady growth from their ongoing marketing efforts. The website was initially built by weCreate, but they also collaborated with the GR8T Manufacturing Partnership in northwest PA for enhanced features and ramp-up of the B2B tool. From inception, the goal and deliverable continues to be connecting manufacturers in Pennsylvania (as well as OH, WV, and NY) to do business with one another, often physically connecting manufacturers to fulfill complex jobs, with a recent example of this coming from Boeing. The marketplace received an inquiry from the Fortune 500 company requiring complex manufacturing involving fabricaton, plastic welding, and machining. The marketplace staff was able to connect two manufacturers to work together on the project.

The TSM network is working together to help each other. Recently Venango Machine received a deep hole drilling lead that they were not immediately able to service, so they forwarded the lead to TSM, and TSM was able to connect the lead with an available source. These are just a few of the many connections the marketplace is making. The weCreate team is putting their experience working with regional manufacturers to use by pushing out searchable content that is boosting Tristate Manufacturers on Google Search. They are developing curated top ten lists, such as ‘Top Injection Molding Companies in PA’, the ‘Top CNC Machining Companies in PA’, and many more. Not only do these top ten lists allow members to be found easier on Google, but they have also begun to boost the overall search results of the site. In addition to marketing content to increase organic searches, weCreate has implemented an advertising campaign on multiple digital channels to help bring more members and customers to the platform.

“Marketing efforts are paying off with continued increase in clicks and website visits for companies listed on Tristate from organic Google searches. Not only are manufacturers listed on the website getting seen by thousands of prospective customers weekly, but they are also receiving direct quote requests from Fortune 50 Companies and other businesses visiting their site seeking suppliers across various industry categories,” said Nate Wheeler, weCreate CEO. He said when Tristate’s team receives a quote request, they promptly feed the warm lead over to a qualified member company that matches capabilities to handle the request from the 100+ companies currently listed on the site. Their goal is to help members get new business and network with other regional manufacturing companies to alleviate labor shortage issues.

There are opportunities to profile manufacturing companies with inexpensive basic listings or premium listings for a minimal cost to include photos, videos, and prime placement. Manufacturing companies outside of the tri-state area will not be permitted to register a profile for their company on the site, however, anyone from anywhere will be able to view the capabilities of all the great resources in our region. The weCreate team is able to provide companies with advice to enhance their listing on the platform.

To list your company, visit or reach out to for more information.