Beyond CircumstancesWill Knecht, President of Wendell August Forge, is the keynote speaker for TechFest Industry Day Dinner on December 9th at 6:00pm. TechFest is a two-day technically-driven event with something for both manufacturers and students. Knecht’s presentation will focus on the setbacks in our lives—in or out of our control. BEYOND CIRCUMSTANCES reveals how such challenges can become the foundation for future success and greatness. This presentation is rich with concepts, ideas and frameworks to help you on your journey. Featuring Will Knecht’s brevity and heart, it shows how his ideas influenced the day-to-day management of his own company and how they can help other organizations in a way few can match. Beyond Circumstances offers bold and transformative ideas for every person, every organization. Constant change is a way of life in the world today. Being successful means simultaneously managing the present while planning for the future. This insightful presentation chronicles an inspiring story of history and tradition—and the fire that could have destroyed a business and its people, but instead became a catalyst for new thinking and new opportunities


Key Takeaways

  • Harnessing the power of culture
  • Looking through a different lens for significant breakthroughs
  • Taking the bigger view of life’s ups and downs


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