Composiflex, Inc. serves aerospace, defense and medical device industries with high-performing carbon composite products manufactured right here in Erie, PA!

On a growth trajectory for five years now, due in part to aggressive customer acquisition, plant and equipment upgrades, and a conducive market for all things composite, Composiflex sees upward potential. What’s frustrated growth however is antiquated information technology (IT) systems and processes that haven’t kept pace.

Founded in 1985 and currently with 94 employees, Composiflex doesn’t have internal IT expertise to keep pace with server virtualization, network security, redundancy methods and server best practices, so they turned to the NWIRC for assistance. After a software, hardware and network discovery process, the NWIRC brought in project partner Forquer Group of Erie, PA who specializes in broadband systems installation.

Forquer is expert in VMware and SonicWall, and is a certified HP, Windows and Cisco reseller of network integration solutions. Not only did the NWIRC and Forquer assist in project specification development, the NWIRC assisted in project quality assurance and ensured project deliverables were met. The combined effort led to $75,000 in cost reductions, improved customer satisfaction, and increase sales of $150,000.

Michael Chesley, President of Composiflex, states, “Composiflex appreciates the cooperation between the NWIRC and the consulting group to help identify our needs, propose and carry-out a viable solution, and provide support in improving our IT network infrastructure. All parties were professional and easy to work with. We would recommend working with NWIRC to other manufacturers.”

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