Founded in 1993, Deist Industries, Inc. (DII) manufacturers top grade commercial truck equipment serving industries across North America. With 90 employees, DII products are produced entirely at their facilities in Hadley (Mercer County), PA, utilizing 90,000 S.F. of production space.

Strategic planning is an ongoing DII discipline that has enabled significant growth within its company and industry. Achieving goals which involve multiple departments however can be a challenge for any business. When introduced to the NWIRC’s newest service, Core Value Software, DII leadership saw the opportunity to create a common goal of increased profitability and business valuation within their strategic plan. Core Value evaluates 18 business drivers and assigns a value to the business for each driver. Integrating this system with their strategic planning enabled all DII departmental managers to see the financial impact of both individual department action plans and those requiring alignment among departments.

Not only does Core Value provide estimated financial impact measures for the individual drivers, but it also provides a list of recommended activities which can be sorted by those that will increase the company’s profitability the most. According to Matt Wilson, President of DII, “Core Value Software is a great tool to complement our strategic business planning and growth services.”

Susan Hileman, District Manager in NWIRC’s Northwest region, is pleased to work with progressive manufacturers like Deist Industries, and actively seeks other manufacturers in need of strategic and management services. Interested in learning how Core Value can improve your business? Please contact your NWIRC Business Advisor.