Jamestown Coating Technologies knows first-hand the importance of safety after experiencing a devastating fire over 65 years ago. Since then, safety of employees and the community became an even greater concern.

They produce environmentally friendly industrial paint and coatings designed for unique applications. The company chemists work closely with customers to develop coatings with unique challenges or regulatory requirements. Some of the coatings are protective and decorative, like Urethane and UV-curable coatings for cosmetic packaging containers or epoxy coatings for aluminum cookware. Others are functional, like heat seal coatings and print primers for flexible aluminum or plastic. The company can produce batches in any quantity, large or small, filling any container type from 1-ounce touch-up vials to 4,000 gallon tankers.

Due to the nature of the industry, they work with a variety of high-risk chemicals. Therefore, it is imperative they prevent risks for their employees at both the Jamestown, PA (Mercer County) and Girard (Erie County) plants, as well as provide a safe environment for employees and the community at large. Implementing a strong risk management program was a key element for ensuring employee safety, but they also had their eye on reducing the cost of being charged the highest multiplier for their insurance.

Coating product 2This 130-year old company has longevity and success due to their constant evolution over the years, from name changes to advancing technology, as well as their desire to improve their safety initiatives. Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC) Strategic Business Advisor, Susan Hileman, suggested that Jamestown Coatings could benefit from a risk management consulting firm to help them formalize a plan to improve safety and reduce costs. She connected them with Sturgeon Consulting to conduct a baseline assessment and develop a master safety plan that included: 1) customized training and testing of facility employees, 2) identifying conditions for regulatory compliance and claim prevention, and 3) assisting with certification of business safety committee and management accountability programs. Sturgeon also provided research and negotiations to lower their company’s multiplier based on losses and operations.

Michael Walton, CEO
Michael Walton, CEO Jamestown Coating Technologies

“NWIRC has played an integral part in helping us meet our business objectives,” said Michael P. Walton, CEO of Jamestown Coatings. “Our emphasis has always been ‘safety first’, however, the assistance from Sturgeon Consulting provided our plants and employees additional direction with the Master Safety Plan. We are assured of meeting all compliances while simultaneously lowering our costs. It’s been a great program,” he said. As a result of their newest risk management initiatives, Jamestown Coatings has improved the overall environmental safety for their employees and also anticipates $10,000 in cost savings and removing $50,000 in unnecessary investments.

Jamestown Coatings was founded in 1885. They currently have 57 employees and are ISO Certified.

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