Photo of Michael Walton, CEO, Jamestown Coating Technologies
Michael Walton, CEO Jamestown Coating Technologies


Jamestown Coating Technologies (JCT) of Jamestown, PA has built a legacy of value and performance in the industrial coating industry since 1885. Since establishing their commitment to customers and quality right from the start, the company has become a leader in innovative products and processes for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) as well as consumer, pharmaceutical, beverage, and food packaging coatings. They have unique processes to meet customers’ most exacting quality standards and lead times. Their team creates a variety of industrial coatings including aluminum packaging coatings, glass packaging coatings, BPA-free plastic packaging coatings, FDA acceptable coatings, metal coatings, coil coatings, steel container coatings, aluminum foil coatings, and more.

Business Issue:

JCT is growing and has plans to further increase volume of paint manufactured by 20%. Company leadership conducts a SWOT analysis and identifies a list of action items and goals at least once per year in an effort to prioritize strategic planning activities and strategically drive business growth. Ownership had its ideas of how to continue its managed growth, but wanted to include the entire JCT management team in a formal strategic planning process to gain additional new ideas for how to soundly grow the business.


Strategic Planning

NWIRC’s Strategic Business Advisor recommended facilitation of strategic planning by Culture Development Manager, Lisa Pustelak, for creating a company vision for 2023 and beyond. The project would provide JCT clear visual aids to help make decisions for the company’s growth moving forward, improve productivity from having a structured plan to follow, and a collaborative vision. Defining a shared vision will help JCT prioritize critical issues, develop synergies between sales and operations to ensure there is a shared vision, as well as enhance accountability and increase motivation, commitment, and teamwork.


The strategic planning project consisted of a company culture assessment that included an anonymous digital survey with all employees, along with some in-person interviews. Several work sessions were facilitated at the facility with the leadership team. All information captured throughout the project was shared in the final deliverables including visual tools to help with implementation. The final strategic plan will continue to evolve and will help JCT achieve their long-term goal of increasing production by 65%, increase sales by $1.5M and add 6 new jobs in the next calendar year. “Lisa’s ability to facilitate our strategic planning process was instrumental to the project’s success.” said Michael Walton, Jamestown Coating CEO. “ She helped us focus on our key objectives, but gave us ample time for productive discussions. At the end of the process, we had clear direction on the actions needed to achieve our desired results. Lisa’s methodology is sound, but what sets her apart is experience across multiple industries and her ability to make sure everyone in the planning process contributes. JCT has greatly benefited from utilizing NWIRC and Lisa Pustelak to facilitate our strategic planning.”