Superior Energy Resources, LLC (SER) is a family-owned business that supports the shale gas industry. They specialize in fabrication, containment services, closed-loop services, and equipment. Located in Brockway, PA, the company started in 2010 and has developed across the shale industry with a one of a kind – locally manufactured Rig Mat and gas field services divisions. Along with their partners, they can supply most any product and perform most any service in the safest manner. While the company is primarily in the energy industry, it is vertically integrated and in the area of steel fabrication, a variety of innovative products are available. Overall, there are 9 different core competencies within the company. The company has a total of 40 employees with continuous process improvements through engagement and diversity over 5 generations within their workforce.

SER is working with Future State Engineering, a regional service provider, on an operational excellence project and making great progress. The company started implementing some system changes causing employees to feel overwhelmed. The lack of a formal coaching structure made it difficult to engage employees and thus impacting the potential success of the process improvements. The leadership team wanted to create a culture where everyone on the team helps one another.

In order to improve the people skills between management levels and departments, NWIRC’s Culture Development Specialist, Lisa Pustelak, customized and delivered a training session for SER that was relatable for all employees. The foundation for the training was the DDI Coaching: Moving People Forward program, that included using a Coaching Mindset Insight Tool, highlighting the impact coaching can have within a company, reviewing the ACE Method of Coaching, developing conversation skills, and role-playing exercises.

SER’s Chief Operating Officer, Stan Foster, noted that the company estimates an impact of more than $300,000 in increased and retained sales from the project. He said, “Professional development for the SER team will lead to the effectiveness of our process improvement initiatives.” Stan said the team enjoyed this workshop more than others they have had in the past and they were able to apply what they learned. The feedback is positive, and leadership is noticing changes. While there is still work to be done, providing the leadership team with a structure they can use to coach team members has helped the Superior Energy team continue to move forward in working on shifting the culture to one where people want to come to work and stay with the company.


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