Are you a business owner looking to sell or transition your business? A CEO wanting to have a ScoreCard based on business valuation? Or do you want a valuation to benchmark the effectiveness of ongoing strategic initiatives?

Consider a demo of CoreValue®, a business tool which examines 18 different drivers of your business including 9 internal drivers (e.g. operations, management, human resources) and  9 external drivers (e.g. market size, branding, competition).

The CoreValue® software, paired with the support of a NWIRC advisor, provides a statistically proven method that measures, assesses and quantifies the value of each business function. You receive expert recommendations and project management tools to help increase your business value and gain insight into where you may be leaving money on the table.

CoreValue® benefits include:

  • NWIRC onboarding, training, and consultation
  • Scorecard approach to see improvement opportunities at a glance
  • Identifying factors that could be negatively affecting your business valuation
  • An online system that provides valuation updates by adding new operational information
  • Graphic intensive dashboard and data reports to help communicate to management teams, boards, banks and advisors
  • Benchmark comparison to other manufacturers who have completed CoreValue®
  • Information to help align goals for department managers
  • Lower cost than a certified valuation
  • Online project management tool
  • Business becomes more attractive to potential buyers (if that is a future goal)

CoreValue® services includes a 1 year license for the cloud-based software, as well as facilitation and expert consultation by a NWIRC advisor. NWIRC can help you understand how existing operational processes affect your business valuation, and just as importantly, provide recommendations to increase it! Click on the YouTube Video below for a brief overview.


Learn more about CoreValue® Software, a revolutionary and proven business tool, by contacting your NWIRC Business Advisor today!