What is the Company Recovery/Resiliency Program?

The Company Recovery/Resiliency Program (CRP) was initiated in June of 2020 as a collaborative effort by NWIRC and a regional network of partners to assist companies through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. The program starts with a business assessment and tactical action plan conducted with your management team that will provide specific recommendations on what solutions, programs, or resources might have a positive impact for the company going forward. If a company chooses to implement a specific project, they are connected with the appropriate service provider and, if eligible, possible grant funding to assist. For some businesses, CRP can now also be considered the Company Resiliency Program.   

Support for Manufacturing Companies

So far, most companies participating in CRP have implemented projects to improve their business. Some opted to double-down on sales and marketing efforts. Others sought cost savings by rethinking the way they ran production and held inventory. Still others found areas to streamline processes or automate. Many of these companies and projects were eligible for grant funding to invest into sales & marketing efforts, process improvements, strategic planning, or attaining needed certifications.

Company Recovery/Resiliency Program Core Partners

Core partners for the program are NWIRC, Steel Valley Authority, PA Department of Labor & Industry’s Rapid Response, and the regional Small Business Development Centers (SBDC). Referrals are also made to numerous regional organizations and service providers based on what is can best assist the company. The program was established courtesy of the CARES Act funding. Implementation projects are currently funded by grants through the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC).

To learn more or schedule an assessment, contact one of the NWIRC Strategic Business Advisors.

(Also, download the infographic or watch the video below for more information.)

NWIRC Company Recovery Resiliency Program infographic