Culture as a Competitive Advantage for Manufacturers

Attracting and retaining employees is an increasing concern for manufacturers across northwestern Pennsylvania. Having motivated, dedicated, loyal, and empowered employees is a huge influence on other team members and contributes to a culture where the team supports each other and the company. When morale is good and the team is working together like a well-oiled machine, everyone notices the difference in better communication, increased productivity, more focused attention to safety, reduced errors and waste, and lower absenteeism.

Culture Building Services

Culture Assessment

Working with your team, we will help conduct confidential culture assessments on-site with the goal of providing recommendations to improve your ability to attract and retain employees. The assessment includes anonymous employee surveys, interviews, a basic review of the onboarding process, and general observations of team interactions.

Onboarding Plan

Often confused with orientation, a proper onboarding plan is key to engaging and retaining the best talent. Onboarding is a comprehensive process involving management and other employees, and NWIRC assists in putting that framework into place.

DiSC® Profile

We will help put in place a formal individual assessment tool for indicating behavioral tendencies, which will ultimately improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in your workplace.

Onsite Coaching

With a supervisor’s team, we will provide guidance to effectively coach the team to top-notch performance using a 9-step coaching process and real-world applications.

Training Plan

We will assess employee skills and knowledge gaps, identify competency requirements, and pull together the resources for curriculum and training methods to produce a comprehensive plan.

Book Club

We’ll help bring together a manufacturing leadership community for monthly virtual meetings to discuss topics for accelerating professional development.

Company Benefits

  • Enhances your ability to attract new talent
  • Increases employee commitment to the company as a career, not just a job
  • Uncovers weaknesses before they become problems for the company and a frustration for the employee
  • Improves employee satisfaction, performance, and retention
  • Increases productivity, adherence to quality standards, and improved safety