Deloitte and Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI), conducted a study and recently published, Cyber Risks in Advanced Manufacturing, with the cited goal of helping companies “engage in a deeper dialog around core aspects of a cyber risk program, identify continuous improvement opportunities, and establish a road map for becoming more secure, vigilant, and resilient.” The conclusion in the report reflects that “although there is a tremendous amount of product and process innovation occurring in the manufacturing sector as digital and physical paradigms continue to evolve, there is also much variability among cyber risk approaches which leaves individual companies vulnerable to attack and loss of critical data.”

In 2015, manufacturing was the 2nd most targeted industry for cyber attacks. Nationally, the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) network is focused on proactively helping manufacturers with cybersecurity best practices. As an MEP center, NWIRC offers resources for reducing cyber-risks, from establishing policies and training employees to complying with government client requirements.

For companies in Northwest PA looking for additional information and guidance in developing their cybersecurity framework, the upcoming Cybersecurity Bootcamp will offer basic strategies to deploy. The program will also have a focus for companies who are contractors and subcontractors with the Department of Defense. For these manufacturers, the deadline is now looming for the new cybersecurity requirements that will be reviewed during the program. The Cybersecurity Boot Camp is scheduled for March 28th in Erie. Along with NWIRC, the program is presented by Gannon SBDC and Northwest Commission PTAC. See more details and register here.