Having a strategy for welcoming new hires into your company culture and planning for future development can reduce costly employee turnover. Retention is a challenge for manufacturing companies. Career development opportunities (or lack of) continues to be a top reason why employees either stay or leave their companies. Employees need technical training in-house for the skills they need to do their job, but it’s also important to invest in developing them with workplace soft skills to grow, to feel valued, and to be successful. Ultimately, investing in employee development creates happy employees who stay with their company.

For over two years now, NWIRC has offered cohorts for Manufacturing Career Readiness, a virtual training program consisting of (4) weekly 90-minute sessions geared for employees who are relatively new to an organization, or those looking to enhance their soft skills. The sessions include: 1) Manufacturing 101; 2) Communication & Conflict; 3) Critical Thinking; and 4) Goal Setting. The instructor is NWIRC’s Training and Culture Development Specialist, Molly Reichard. The next cohort is scheduled to begin on January 17, 2023. See more details at www.nwirc.org/events.