LEAD TOGETHER: Influence, Inspire, Impact

A program for emerging leaders in manufacturing


Ineffective leadership can result in conflict, lost productivity, employee turnover, and unhappy customers – all at a significant cost to the company. Situated between upper management and the front line, today’s supervisors and mid-level managers play a significant role in the success of a business. Individual performance, expertise, and tenure earned them the promotion, but if they’re like the majority of their peers, they were probably promoted on a Friday and started leading their coworkers (and friends) on the following Monday. Now it’s time to invest in these emerging leaders. Enroll them in Lead Together to gain new insights and sharpen skills for influencing and inspiring others to achieve greater results.

Begin experiencing the impact on your business from improved communications and problem-solving, and less conflict. Realize the benefits of increased productivity, higher employee morale, improved customer satisfaction, and higher retention.



• Specifically geared to supervisors or mid-level managers of small and mid-sized manufacturers

• Facilitated by qualified NWIRC staff that know manufacturing work environments

• Collaboration and sharing among like positions at other manufacturing companies

• Qualifies for WEDnet funding for eligible companies

Program Highlights:

• 6-month program, 2-hour session each month (9:00-11:00am)

• 2 hours of onsite assistance (pertaining to a classroom session topic)

• Applied learning with classroom exercises and practical assignments

• Sample content includes:

-Communication skills
-Lead vs Manage
-Critical thinking
-Problem solving
-Coaching others
-Team building and recognition