The Erie Regional Manufacturer Partnership (ERMP) is addressing an issue facing many local companies in Erie (and the region)…the ability to find talent, especially for entry-level positions. The WorkAdvance Program seeks to address this gap by coupling short-term foundational workplace and technical skills training with employment, career coaching, and on-the-job training. Modern Industries, PHB Corporation, ISM, Machining Concepts, and Erie Press Systems are hiring companies participating in ERMP’s WorkAdvance program, but you don’t have to be an ERMP member to participate.

The goal of WorkAdvance is to recruit and enroll three cohorts of participants for potential hiring by participating companies. The program will ease the hiring process for manufacturers, providing a stronger pipeline of workers. The training will front-load the fundamentals, including Workplace Skills, Safety, and Shop Math for two weeks (no cost to participant or employer). From there, technical classes will be structured to enable participants to work in paid internships while continuing to attend training.

WorkAdvance is a valuable program for manufacturing companies and also a great opportunity for those interested in starting a career in manufacturing. Whether a recent high-school graduate or someone working in another industry with few opportunities for advancement, the program is structured to support the success of the selected candidates.

Employers’ Timeline for Participation and Candidate Selection:

• Confirm desire to participate by contacting ERMP Project Manager

• Taking commitments now for 2nd and 3rd Cohorts

• Participate in Recruitment Fair (TBD)

• ERMP Project Team will prescreen candidates following the recruitment fair

• Employers will interview and select pool of candidates to be placed in the program

Candidates’ Technical Training and Internship Timeline:

• GECAC Career Readiness Training – 2 weeks / 60 hours of training, paid at $11.00/hour (paid by the program)

• Northern Pennsylvania Regional College Technical Training – 3 weeks / 100 hours of training, paid at $11.00 /hr
(paid by the employer)

• Internship with participating employers – 3 weeks / 120 hours of training, paid at $11.00 / hr (paid by the employer)

• Full-time Employment – New hire pay increased to $13.00 – $17.00 /hr (paid by the employer)

Contact Megan Wagner Ingram via email at to participate or for more information.