Betts Tour and Networking

Date: March 9, 2023
Time: 10am to 12pm
Location: Betts Industries
1800 Pennsylvania Avenue
Warren, PA

Betts Industries is the fourth of a series of tours at manufacturing facilities in northwest PA! It’s an opportunity to connect with your peers from across the region and strengthen this sector partnership for a greater impact on manufacturing in Pennsylvania. Increased networking is a much needed focus identified by the regional industry leaders and to answer this the regional partners came up with the idea of 8 GR8T Tours.

The tour will start at 10am with networking to follow.

Betts has about six or so visitor spots in the red circle below the remaining parking will be in the same lot but towards the back. Betts can provide safety glasses for those who need them (normal glasses are OK).  A decent pair of shoes (nothing open toed or anything that would leave your foot vulnerable). Long pants and clothing/jewelry that isn’t too loose/dangle (ie nothing that could get sucked into a machine). The shop floor is extremely safe, especially when on a tour.  Just need to keep an eye out for fork trucks

*Registration is limited to manufacturers.




Attendee Information

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