Date: September 16, 2021
Time: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Cost: $360 ($306 if registered by September 2)
Location: NCPA Launchbox powered by Penn State DuBois
2 East Long Ave
DuBois, PA

Lunch provided

The focus of this course is to review and give participants an understanding of the concepts of measurement system analysis. Participants will learn the concept for assessing, measuring, and improving the reliability of the measurement system.  The course will expose participants to the different sources of measurement variation and techniques to identify, isolate, and reduce measurement variation. The course is designed to help personnel understand sources of variation and the differences between inherent variation and special causes of variation. A cause and effect diagram will be used to identify the sources of measurement variation and how measurement system variation effects decisions effecting the process. The course will focus on how to measure bias, linearity, and repeatability and reproducibility, along with the actions necessary maintain a reliable measurement system. Participants will apply the principles using hands-on exercises to reinforce the learning.

You will learn…

  • The measurement process and the effects of measurement variation on product quality
  • General concepts for properly assessing measurement systems
  • How to properly prepare for a measurement system study
  • Practices for achieving a reliable measurement system
  • What is measurement variation and the sources of variation inherent in a measurement system
  • The difference between precision and accuracy
  • How to determine bias, linearity, and repeatability and reproducibility
  • How to properly identify and isolate the source(s) of measurement system variation
  • Methods for reducing measurement system variation


  • Definition of the measure system and definition of a process
  • Introduction to concepts for assessing a measurement system
  • Preparing for a measurement system study
  • Understanding stability, bias, linearity, and repeatability and reproducibility
  • Conducting a measurement system study
  • Analysis of study results
  • Identifying sources of measurement variation
  • Using data to isolate measurement system variation
  • Techniques for identifying and reducing measurement variation
  • Measurement system improvement methods
  • Maintaining a reliable measurement system

About the Presenter:
Max Krug


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