Date: July 24, 2024
Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Cost: $199 ($169 if registered by 7/10/2024)
Location: Corry Higher Education
221 N. Center Street
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A culture of accountability refers to an organizational environment where individuals take responsibility for their actions, decisions, and performance. Where accountability is low, typically morale is low as well.  Some of the common complaints we hear are “no one is held accountable” or “there is no consequence for people not doing their job.”

Creating a culture of accountability requires a deliberate effort by leaders to establish clear expectations, foster open communication, and lead by example.

If you are struggling with productivity, efficiency, low morale, and other related situations in this constantly changing climate, this course gives you a guideline toward setting clear expectations and holding the team accountable to meeting them.

Learning Targets:

  • How to hold yourself accountable first
  • Discover the language of Accountability (it should be positive not negative!)
  • How to set expectations S.M.A.R.T.E.R
  • The benefits of being specific and taking ownership
  • Create an environment that fosters collective accountability.

Participants will also receive a copy of the book, Winning with Accountability by Henry J. Evans for additional learning and application.

*Content from Development Dimensions International (DDI), an international human resources and leadership development firm

About the Presenter:

Lisa Pustelak is NWIRC’s Culture Development Manager. She develops leaders and employees with coaching and onsite or public training programs on topics such as critical thinking, leadership development, communication skills, improvement kata, strategic planning and coaching. Lisa is a certified Professional Coach through Duquesne University. She has over 20 years’ experience working with small businesses, including ten years as the CEO of LEDGE Enterprises, a company she founded to help companies, Lead, Engage, Develop, Grow, and Empower their people. She’s is a certified Balance Score Card Professional, a DDI Facilitator, and member of Women in Manufacturing, NTMA, National Speakers Association, and PA Business and Professional Women.




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