Date: Oct 22, Nov 5, Nov 19, Dec 3, Dec 17
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Cost: $149.00 (series)
Location: Zoom


Are you looking to increase sales, expand into new markets, or find new customers. The pandemic has played havoc on the sales approach for most manufacturing companies, but even more so for companies without a sales plan and a dedicated sales team. If you’re struggling to achieve sales goals in 2020 and desire to develop a solid plan for sustainable growth, our 5-part Grow With NWIRC Webinar Series is packed with growth tips and tools you can implement now.

This webinar series is underway, but you can still join in and catch up by watching the earlier webinar recordings. 

Strategic Planning and Customer Value Proposition (October 22)

Strategic planning is important for all sizes of companies, however, it’s even more important for small companies to create a plan to get from where you are to where you want to go. In this session, learn a strategic planning approach that ensures small-business owners are being proactive instead of reactive to changing business conditions.

Learn about how strategic planning:

  • benefits companies of all sizes
  • provides a roadmap for your entire team to follow
  • helps you look to the future versus day-to-day survival
  • helps making decisions become easier
  • identifies areas to increase revenue and decrease costs
  • facilitates communication of strategic goals and information

Bonus Content: Exploring Implementation Tools

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Sales Process Development (November 5)

Year in and year out, studies have shown that companies with formal sales processes have higher ‘win’ rates and revenue plan attainment versus companies that operate with a random or informal sales process. Now, in the wake of COVID-19, sales processes will need to dynamically re-align to the new mindsets, behaviors, preferences, and procedural requirements of today’s buyers and decision makers.  Sellers, even those with a formal sales process in place, who are not aligned with today’s buyers will not be as effective and productive leading to missed revenue opportunities and higher selling expenses. Sellers without a formal sales process to use will likely experience greater disadvantages and poor outcomes.

Learn about:

  • developing a sales process model
  • how to re-design a sales process through the lens of today’s buyer/decision maker
  • tools and techniques to formalize and enhance your current sales process for improved results

Bonus Content: Getting the Most Out of HubSpot Free CRM

You will be sent the recording of this session upon registration.

Remote Personal Selling (November 19)

During this time of pandemic, in-person selling is one of the first casualties to B2B sales. Many companies no longer allow visitors. Even if you ‘visit’, your contact may be working remotely and not physically in the office. According to McKinsey1, since the start of COVID-19 , B2B customers who want traditional sales calls fell from 52% to 34% and 66% now prefer digital sales interactions. This session addresses the new challenge with practical techniques and methods you can apply for transitioning to a virtual sales process.

Learn about:

  • the changing customer
  • the importance of integrated communications
  • it’s all about engagement
  • the importance of lead qualification
  • making a personal connection and closing remotely
  • effectively using technology and tools

1) McKinsey B2B Decision Maker Pulse Survey, April 7, 2020

Bonus Content: Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

You will be sent the recording of this session upon registration.

Market Research (December 3)

More than a simple Google search, market research requires understanding the problem then planning and executing the solution.  This session will discuss developing a formal market research plan with tips for a successful implementation.

Learn about:

  • What market research involves
  • benefits of conducting market research
  • planning your market research project
  • executing your market research plan
  • available resources for success

Bonus Content: Using Constant Contact/Mail Chimp

Inbound/Content Marketing for Manufacturing (December 17)

Most manufacturing companies have been operating on sales and marketing strategies that require a lot of face-to-face. Prior to this year, the implementation of those strategies proved to be difficult. Now, they are nearly impossible. To keep pipelines healthy there has been a rush to move these strategies online. Some of you may have adapted quickly and experienced quick success, while others have probably struggled. Either way, this training session will help you.

Learn about:

  • how inbound and content marketing works for manufacturing companies
  • how to align marketing strategies with your sales efforts so the teams are working cohesively
  • what works and what doesn’t in the industrial marketing space (based on experience)

Bonus Content: Developing Virtual Trade Shows


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