Date: May 8, 2020
Time: 11:00 am – 11:45 am
Cost: Free
Location: Webinar

Fear and anxiety can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions. You may have an employee, who right now, is way outside of their comfort zone. All of the change and transitions due to CoVid-19 has this person struggling to cope. Their behavior can have an impact on your business. How can you better take care of yourself, your people, your customers and your organization at large?

Join us for this brand-new, content-rich webinar by nationally recognized expert, Rick Capozzi, creator of Survival Mindset.

In this free, 45-minute webinar, you will gain insights on:
• Who to call (and when) during a crisis-situation
• Which individuals may be most at risk during CoVid-19
• Techniques and proactive steps to support employees with anxiety, frustration and uncertainty
• How to minimize the damage if an employee takes action that negatively affects themselves, other employees and your business
• BONUS: How to teach employees to handle customer tension and stress to better optimize the supply chain

Who Should Attend:
• HR managers and executives wanting to build a stronger and cohesive cooperate culture both now and for the future
• Managers and supervisors looking for guidance around building a more connected organization
• Senior executives and owners seeking information and best approaches on top-down communication
• Professionals eager to master proven communication techniques during unprecedented times and crisis-situations

About the Presenter:
Since 1991, international speaker and creator of the nationally recognized series of Survival Mindset programs, Rick Capozzi, has been training on behavioral change in stressful situations. NWIRC has partnered in the release of his newest programs, Order Out of Chaos and Keeping Employees Calm Through the CoVid-19 Pandemic, which was created to help you adapt to your new normal through CoVid-19 (and beyond).


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