Cost: $1396

Grant funding is available for specific counties.

This 4-day training consists of 1 day of classroom instruction in Erie and 3 days on-site at your facility, integrating new knowledge with your company’s own products and systems.  Minimum 4 employees required to attend from one company for this onsite package.

The 5S System is a series of activities designed to improve workplace organization and standardization throughout the business using the 5S methodology including: Sort / Shine/ Set-in-Order / Standardize / Sustain. Participants learn 5S concepts on Day 1, and continue the training on-site to gain firsthand experience by transforming a cluttered, disorganized production area into a clean, organized, and orderly workplace in a defined area(s) of the facility. The project team will apply the elements of the 5S discipline to:

  • learn how to conduct a successful 5S event
  • realize the benefits by applying it to location(s) within the facility
  • continue building support for the organization’s future 5S improvement initiatives

Strategic thought must be given to cut down on the wastes of motion, transportation, searching, and storing of items. Prior to the commencement of the Sort procedure the team will conduct a pre-5S audit in their respective area(s) to gauge the presence of organization and standardization.  This audit will become part of a workplace scan display that the team will be responsible for creating.  The workplace scan display is used as a visual representation of an area which has been 5S’d. The end result will consist of before and after photos, a team charter, a pre- and post-audit, as well as activities or action items yet to be completed. Safety will be stressed throughout each state of 5S.


Instructor: Craig Corsi, NWIRC Lean Specialist


Susan Hileman (Crawford, Venango, Clarion, Mercer, and Forest Counties)

Ed Barthelmes (Erie and Warren Counties)


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