Date: April 26, 2017

Time: 8:00am – 10:00am

Cost: $250 for two seats

Location: Lindenpointe Training and Workforce Development Center, Room 114
3050 Prosperity Place
Hermitage, PA 16148


Manufacturers who implement lean often see significant results after initial training and running some key events. For many, it’s a challenge to maintain momentum for additional progress. Lean Together™ is an ongoing collaborative learning program to leverage shared experiences of participant organizations and demonstrate how small incremental wins can provide continued success. The Lean Together™ working group will support your efforts to create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement.


• Begin or continue your journey with a disciplined, yet open approach
• Collaborative learning with peers
• Observe live team meetings
• Local plant tours to help visualize concepts
• Share and test ideas with peers and an expert group leader
• Accelerate your understanding and experience
• Tailor discussion topics to your specific situation(s)

The Program:
• 10 monthly, 2-hour sessions
• Monthly local plant tours- 2 second lean in action
• Stand-up education- 2 second tools
• Sharing best practices
• “Book club” discussions of the 2 Second Lean™ book by Paul A. Akers (copy of the book included)
• Online forum discussion group and resource center
• Tuition covers 2 seats per company (senior leadership recommended for at least 1 seat)
• Groups consist of non-competing companies


Session meeting dates: 5/24/17, 6/28/17, 7/26/17, 9/27/17, 10/25/17, 11/22/17, 1/24/18, 2/28/18, 3/28/18


Facilitated by Craig Corsi, Vie Associates, LLC

Please register by 12:00 pm on Thursday April 20, 2017.

Email to register, or for additional information.