Date: October 19, 2022
Time: 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Cost: No Charge
Location: Zoom

When you’re evaluating opportunities for succession, including liquidity events and taking money off the table, it’s important to know your options. Join us for a conversation on how to explore liquidity options, including sales to family, other business owners, and Private Equity. Whether your liquidity event is this year or in ten there are opportunities to prepare your business today to maximize tomorrow’s value.

Presenter: Jonathan Dane, Defiant Capital Group

Jonathan Dane is the Founder and President of Defiant Capital Group, an investment management and financial advisory firm for families of complex wealth. He is responsible for leading and executing the firm’s business strategy and client investment management activities, with a focus on business owners and former-founder clients with private business interests. He helps clients navigate the complexities of succession strategies for private business interests, structure their estate, and deploy capital into new investments. For over a decade Jonathan has worked in financial markets in roles as an investment banker, investor, and advisor to highly affluent families and businesses. He has helped families and institutions deploy capital into privately held business, navigate family business transitions, and perform business mergers and acquisitions, wealth transfers, business exits, and other family office activities. Prior to founding Defiant Capital Group Jonathan served as the Director of Portfolio Strategy & Research for a $900mn multi-family office, worked in New York City at Goldman Sachs and Jefferies, and in 2019 was named to CityWire’s 40 Rising Stars Under 40. Jonathan holds a BS in Finance from the University of Pittsburgh, is a CFA® Charterholder and a CFP® Professional.