Date: March 30, 2022
Time: 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Cost: $149 ($126 if registered by 3/16)
Location: Zoom 

Everyone experiences stress. There is positive stress, like excitement about a pending promotion or presentation and negative stress such as dealing with Covid, feeling overwhelmed, job loss or simply work-life integration. Our reactions to stress are varied, but it’s no surprise that chronic stress can wreak havoc with our lives and our health. While some of us seem to let stress roll off our back, for others…well, let’s just say, it isn’t as easy.

In 2022, manufacturers are still dealing with labor shortages, productivity demands, supply chain issues and challenges with customers. Covid has only added to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues which remain on the rise. It’s likely your business may be experiencing difficulties as a result. Perhaps, now more than ever, we all need to be looking for ways to minimize health issues, prevent burnout and promote employee well-being.

  • US businesses lose up to $300 billion yearly as a result of workplace stress (AIS, 2019)
  • 61% say work is a significant source of stress (APA, 2020)
  • 54% of workers report that stress from work affects their life at home (Wilke)
  • The risk of having a heart attack is lowest on Saturdays and as much as 20 percent higher on Mondays than on any other day from Tuesday to Friday. (CDC)
  • 74% of all illnesses in the U.S. are chronic illnesses lasting 1 year or more and requiring on-going medical care (CDC)

While there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, being proactive about investing in the health, safety and well-being of your workplace can be critical. It can also be a way to attract new employees as well as retain those with the greatest level of knowledge. So, while your team has likely discussed, “Are our employees healthy or having issues?”…Have you also considered, “Do our internal business policies and practices also promote employee health and well-being?”

This 2-hour stress management session will provide information on resources to help both your employees and your business stay healthy. We will look at the causes of stress, and ways to minimize its effect. We will discuss the changing employer-employee relationship. We will address which practices should be in place to create a workplace that is proactive about managing stress and be known as a business where people truly are the heart of your organization.

About the Presenter: Susan Hileman, Founder, Red Day Communications. Susan has spent more than 25 years serving manufacturing; the last 15 years as a Strategic Business Advisor for the NWIRC. Susan is a graduate of Clarion University with degrees in Business Management and Speech Communication. She is a certified John Maxwell Group Team member and trained in DISC Behavioral Profiling. Susan is a proud veteran of the U.S. Air Force and owner of Red Day Communications providing motivational speaking, consulting and training for business and civic organizations since 2011.

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