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Cost: No Charge

Supply chains, while once confined to one’s home country, have stretched around the world as companies seek to source quality goods at the lowest possible cost. Unfortunately, manufacturers have found that with this cost-driven decision comes increased risk in the form of poor quality, trade secret theft, supply chain disruptions, and lengthy delivery times. This two-hour workshop will walk you through some of the critical considerations to help you optimize your supply chain. In addition, workshop attendees can schedule a time for a free, personalized training on the Total Cost of Ownership tool. We will meet with your team and analyze up to three products or parts at no charge. Calculations will be based on your unique data.

Participants will learn:

  • Critical factors to optimize your supply chain
  • The value of regionalizing your supply chain
  • Why sourcing decisions based on price alone result in a 20-30% miscalculation of actual offshoring costs
  • 29 cost and risk factors that should be considered when determining total cost of ownership.

Who Should Attend:

Supply chain managers, accounting personnel, manufacturing managers, industrial engineers, and product line managers


Dr. Steve Brady, CEO, Supply Chain Innovations Today

Connie Palucka, NPDP, Managing Director, Business Growth Services, Catalyst Connection


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