Date: August 26 & September 2, 2020
Time: 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
Cost: Free
Location: Zoom


Can you confidently answer these questions, and are you happy with your organization’s status?

  • Do you have an over stock of materials you do not need?
  • Can you trust the data in your system or does tribal knowledge rule?
  • Can you make a promise to your customer and keep that promise?
  • Are you a siloed organization?
  • Is your shop floor performing efficiently to the Supply Chain Plan?
  • Can you measure the efficiency of your supply chain?
  • Do you use MRP?

Everyone agrees that the supply chain is a living thing. During this time in particular, many supply chains are on life support. Getting your supply chain to be a proactive, responsive living thing requires a multi-pronged approach designed to fix aspects of your organization that contribute to and benefit from its operation. These sessions will highlight the changes that need to be made, the proven multi-faceted approaches to fixing the problem, and the organizational impacts that will result. There is no magic pill to fix your supply chain, but these sessions will give you a multi-lateral how-to approach that focuses on the basics to get it done.

Presenter: David Carroll, PP-PI, MM Specialist
David is a partner and thought-leader for Reveal USA, based in Naperville IL, a company that specializes in transforming supply chains (SC). He has 30 years of manufacturing experience, spending the last 20 in Senior Operations Management and as a Supply Chain Consultant saving his customers hundreds of millions of dollars in REAL savings. He frequently speaks at international SC conferences on topics including SC transformation and Demand Management Through Shop Floor Control . His customers include: Moen, Campbell’s, Heinz, Nestle, Phillips 66, SAB Miller, SE Mills, Huntsman, Blount Int’l, Delicato Family Wines, and South Co. Inc. David is also a local guy, currently residing in Venango County (originally hailing from England).

Session 1 from August 26th recording can be viewed HERE.


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