Expert support from information technology executives.

Are you a Northwest Pennsylvania manufacturer contemplating the implementation of an ERP, ecommerce, CRM, or broadband project, but don’t know where to start? Worried you won’t have the time or money to get it done correctly? Reduce your risk of a poor implementation with the NWIRC’s CIO-for-Hire program.

The CIO-for-Hire program partners with executive IT experts who assist with:

  • IT systems strategy and planning
  • Operational analysis and evaluation
  • Identification of steps and systems for improvement
  • Identification of requirements for IT systems changes

This program allows you to take control and make informed decisions without supporting full-time executive IT staff, saving you time and money! Our affiliated partners are experienced, thorough, and objective to ensure an accurate assessment of needs to help define project requirements. This process is vital for successful implementation from the start!

Contact one of our Strategic Business Advisors for more information and to see if your company qualifies for a mini-grant for this program.

CIO for Hire_Flyer_3.2.2016