Meet one of the Featured Exhibitors: FARO

When it comes to performing accurate 3D measurement or inspection on small-to medium-sized parts, no tool can match the utility, speed, and accuracy of an optical portable measurement arm — a ScanArm. The Faro Scan Arm with 8th axis will streamline the companies do QC on parts from small to large. Easily configured for the job at hand, the Faro Arm will gather data quickly and accurately. Come and see the new MAX Arm and experience QC or reverse engineering at a whole new level. Plus, they will have a sneak peek at a new game changing QC option for your Faro Arm. One-size-fits-all might work for some applications. But when every measurement counts and dollars and customer demand are at stake, only the power of precision will get results.

Find FARO at the MFG Advanced Expo on May 3 (Red Fern, Kersey PA) or May 5 (Ambassador Center, Erie PA) from 10:00am-3:00pm.
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