True or false, the best time to increase resources towards growing sales is when sales are down and need a boost? The answer is a resounding FALSE. If you’re waiting until sales revenues are declining to initiate efforts to boost sales, it’s too late. Like manufacturing operations, consistently improving (increasing sales) requires a dedicated process using fundamental tools. Using these tools can lead to: 1) increase opportunities in your pipeline; 2) improve conversion rate from opportunity to customer; 3) increase the value of your products and services, and 4) decrease your sales cycle.

Join NWIRC for Spaghetti & Sales, at a great restaurant near you, to learn more about the 4 Drivers to Increase Sales Revenues and the five fundamental tools essential to these drivers. Sessions are planned for Erie (Oct 5), St Marys (Oct 24), Sharpsville (Oct 24), and Meadville (Nov 14) – all from 4-6pm. Find details at