Manufacturing companies across the U.S. continue to face supply chain challenges with many looking for either long-term or short-term solutions. Supplier Scouting, within the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) National Network, is a formal process to provide and connect opportunities among U.S. manufacturers of those with needs to those with relevant production capacities and capabilities. This is a solution to help companies that are looking for a new supplier resource, whether they are looking to reshore a product/part or are having challenges with their current vendor. Supplier Scouting is also a tool for companies with the capacity to take on new business and looking for new customers.

As noted in a recent Manufacturing Innovation Blog article, “when it comes to domestic supplier scouting, the MEP National Network provides value beyond the traditional private sector supplier matching services and their databases. Each of the 51 MEP Centers has staff working every day with manufacturers in their respective territories. MEP Centers also have connections with local, statewide or regional economic development organizations and trade groups. The interest in supplier scouting has led to organic growth in networking. Manufacturers are reaching suppliers they had not connected with in the past, and their horizons are broadening beyond their typical niche. While MEP National Network supplier scouting clients are generally looking for short-term solutions, practitioners at the local level are seeing longer-term opportunities enter the discussion. It is not a stretch to see how these growing networks will help reshoring”.

Those interested in reviewing ongoing supplier scouting opportunities, take note. NWIRC, as one of seven centers comprising the PA MEP, posts ongoing opportunities on our website. New opportunities are added on a regular basis, so check the listings often. If your manufacturing company is looking for a new supplier, our Strategic Business Advisors can obtain your requirements and present your sourcing need to the Network. Find the opportunities and more information here: