Selecting IT KickStart Grant Recipients.

Your company’s total investment and projected business impacts are key factors in determining awardees and the grant amount. Applications are scored with the following in mind:

  • Clearly defined problem and solution, to include impact on current business.
  • Projected impact of receiving grant on future business, including:

⇑ Financial

⇑ Time savings

⇑ New customers

⇑ New and retained employees

  • Detailed and realistic vendor quote with cost breakdown from reputable vendor.
  • Company ability to cover costs until reimbursed.
  • Company commitment of additional capital investment required to complete the project (if applicable).
  • Risk and mitigation plan for embarking on and completing this project.
  • Previous grant recipients with track record of evaluating and reporting all benefits gained from prior grant, including timely survey completion.


Dispersing the funds.

Grant funds are dispersed following completion of the approved project and submission of the following:

  • Copies of IT vendor invoices and proof of payment (copies of cancelled checks).
  • Signed copy of the project completion form (both client and vendor).
  • Respond and submit the annual online survey quantifying impacts realized through the project.