Lean Together™ 1.0 cohorts are scheduled to begin soon. This working group for operational excellence is designed for manufacturing companies to study and implement concepts from the book, 2 Second Lean, by Paul Akers. The premise is for companies to collaborate, and learn from each other, ways to build a culture of continuous improvement for their companies- that ultimately leads to more profitable business, as well as customer and employee satisfaction.

The program includes (9) 2-hour sessions from October 2021 to May 2022 with classroom curriculum and facility tours, facilitated by a lean expert. When joining the cohort, a company receives two seats in the program and two visits for customized onsite assistance. Based on feedback from past Lean Together participants, one of their most favorite aspects of the program is the facility tours and also information sharing at the sessions.

Here are just a few of the past comments from leadership who participated in Lean Together:

“Not only has 2 Second Lean helped us make improvements to our production process, but it has also been a building block for our organization to build a culture focused on teamwork, ownership of mistakes, and improved safety awareness.”

“2 Second Lean has taken the critical identification of waste out of management’s hands and put it into everyone’s hands. The front-line staff now identify problems and waste; they own it and they fix it. The buy-in starts at the top.”

“2 Second Lean is less about mastering lean terminology and tools and everything about engaging your employees and building a culture of continuous improvement. No small feat, but 2 Second Lean, and now the Lean Together program, is the one – two punch combination to that end.”

“Lean Together has helped our employees realize that working together as a whole group, and gathering multiple ideas from each other, makes us a stronger and more productive team. As a result, multiple new production records have been set.”

For all the details and to join a cohort, contact Molly Reichard at mreichard@nwirc.org or (814) 217-6067. Also, see more information here.