Join us for Manufacturing Advanced Expo (in either Kersey PA or Erie PA), showcasing the latest advancements in automation technology, robotics, manufacturing, and how they affect and complement the skilled workforce in northwestern Pennsylvania. Vendors will demonstrate the latest manufacturing technology for a smarter and more productive shop floor, and how technology solutions can ease workforce challenges. Educational sessions will highlight advanced technology and applications. Meet one of the Featured Exhibitor Sponsors: James H. Cross.

Founded in 1941, the James H. Cross Company services the manufacturing industry in the procurement and application of engineered tooling, capital equipment, and MRO. They specialize in process improvements and documented cost savings with the core competencies of distribution, vendor managed inventory, integrated partnerships, robotics, automation, metrology, calibration, and engineering services to support manufacturing.

At the Expo, their partner experts from Fanuc and Iscar Metals will share insights on their cutting-edge technologies and to help your company maximize productivity and quality.  Fanuc is the industry leader in robotics, machine controls, and provides world class products and support for your manufacturing and automation requirements.   Iscar is the industry leader in cutting tools and machining processes and has many available technical experts that provide the best machining processes. James H. Cross’s overall vision is to support manufacturing with a team of leading-edge suppliers to provide manufacturers with the lowest total cost and the highest quality for production of your products.

Find James H. Cross at the Manufacturing Advanced Expo on April 30 (Red Fern, Kersey PA) or
May 2 (Ambassador Center, Erie PA).

Brought to you by NWPA-NTMA and NWIRC. NEFF is the Premier Sponsor. These are free events, but registration is required at:


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