Leadership Development for Manufacturers

Empower and inspire your company’s executive team, supervisors, managers, and future leaders to help them better grow their teams and execute the company’s organizational strategy.

Leadership Development Programs

Key Employee Success Plan

Working with your team, we will create a roadmap with coaching for key employee career advancement that is aligned with the company’s business goals. Components include upgrading skills for future opportunities and a plan for the key position successor.

Lead Together

We will put in place a 6-month program geared for supervisors or mid-level managers with collaboration and sharing among like positions in other manufacturing companies

Customized Onsite Leadership Programs

This customized training program focuses on your company’s leadership competency goals with topics, structure, and schedule to meet your needs.

DDI Leadership Courses

Led by a DDI Certified Facilitator, these courses are deeply rooted in psychology and focused on delivering measurable change in your leaders. Topics range from coaching to communication to delegation and making high-quality decisions.

Leadership Skills Training

Leadership skills training covers a variety of topics such as Generational Diversity, Emotional Intelligence, Toyota Kata, Effective Communications, Critical Thinking, Train the Trainer Coaching, Leadership Challenge, and Strategic Planning

Company Benefits

  • Improved employee retention and engagement
  • Effective leadership
  • Increased team productivity
  • Improved decision-making skills