Meet one of the Featured Exhibitors: Leading Marks

Leading Marks is an industrial distributor making safety a priority for automated work cells. At their exhibit you’ll see the latest technology for thermal printing 4-color labels. The MAX Bepop printer allows you to print and cut label kits for automated work cells and the complementary Letatwin printer enhances your wire marking with plastic tubing and labels for terminal blocks. Don’t miss their full-range of industrial identification solutions, such as direct-part marking lasers, dot peen, and impact marking, handheld and in-line ink systems and industrial equipment such as air filtration, soldering irons and work benches.

Find Leading Marks at the MFG Advanced Expo on May 3 (Red Fern, Kersey PA) or May 5 (Ambassador Center, Erie PA) from 10:00am-3:00pm.

Brought to you by NWPA-NTMA and NWIRC. NEFF is the Premier Sponsor. These are free events, but registration is required at:


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