If you’re thinking about venturing down the Lean path in 2018, or looking to have additional employees trained to support your existing Lean culture, the Lean Basic Training class offered at the end of this month should be considered.

The class will combine lecture and simulation to provide a firm foundation of lean manufacturing techniques. Students will participate in ‘manufacturing’ air compressor components in a simulated traditional manufacturing process. The results of the first simulation round will provide the basis for continuous improvement as participants apply lean manufacturing principles in subsequent rounds while learning about standardized work, teams, workplace organization, visual and plant layout, one-piece flow, TPM, cellular production, TAKT time, pull and kanbans, POUS, quick changeover, quality at the source, and batch reduction, . Each concept will build upon the ability to eliminate manufacturing waste.

Key objectives for the program include:

  • Learning the basics of lean, the concepts, and its benefits
  • Understanding the difference between value and waste
  • Understanding how various lean tools help eliminate waste
  • Defining and understanding lean terminology
  • Learning about the key elements to building a lean culture

In addition to the basics of lean, participants will be introduced to 2 Second Lean and the major takeaways from this book by Paul Akers.

Instructor for the class is Craig Corsi, a Lean Specialist and manufacturing professional with more than 21 years’ experience in the areas of operational excellence, supply chain and inventory management, and continuous improvement initiatives. Your company may be eligible to receive reimbursement for a portion of the tuition from WEDnet, check eligibility at www.wednetpa.com.

Click here for more details and to register.