Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC) will offer two Lean training courses this April in Warren, PA to help companies with some of the Lean basics, train new employees, or brush up on skills. Both courses are taught by Craig Corsi of Vie Associates, LLC. Corsi is a Lean Specialist and manufacturing professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the areas of operational excellence, supply chain and inventory management, and continuous improvement initiatives.

The upcoming courses include:

Principles of Lean with Simulation (April 4)

Participants begin by making a product in a simulated traditional manufacturing process. The results of the first simulation round will provide the basis for continuous improvement exercises as participants apply the lean manufacturing principles in subsequent rounds. Students will learn One-Piece Flow, TPM, Cellular Production, TAKT Time, Pull and Kanbans, POUS, Quick Changeover, Quality at the Source, Batch Reduction, Teams, Standardized Work, Workplace Organization, and Visual and Plant Layout. Each concept will build your ability to eliminate manufacturing waste. Key objectives are to:

  • learn how to identify the eight wastes
  • understand how various lean tools help to eliminate waste
  • have an understanding of lean terminology
  • understand the importance of eliminating waste


5S Workplace Organization (April 25)

Embark on a journey of workplace organization using the concepts of Lean 5S. Partipicants will learn the fundamental concepts of the 5S’s and how to apply them in their own setting:

Sort through all items and remove unneeded items

Set in Order remaining items, set limits, create temporary location indicators

Shine or clean everything and use cleaning as inspection

Standardize the first 3 S’s by implementing visual displays and controls

Sustain the gains through self-discipline, training, communication, and total employee involvement training course, that will improve quality and productivity


Both sessions will be held at the Warren County Chamber of Business & Industry, 308 Market Street, Warren PA and the cost for each is $395. Visit our Events Schedule for more details and to register.