Lean Together 1.0 graduation and tour at Industrial Sales and Manufacturing (ISM).

Last month, the most recent group of companies graduated from NWIRC’s Lean Together™ 1.0 (working group for operational excellence). This cohort started last August with the group meeting monthly for classroom sessions, facility tours, and discussions focused on principles from the book, 2 Second Lean, by Paul Akers.

One of the highlights noted by all participants are the tours at manufacturing facilities in the region and the opportunity to see first-hand others’ successes with 2 second lean. “At my first meeting for Lean Together, I was thinking- what did I get into and this won’t work for us,” said Mike Bleil, Production Supervisor at Onex, Inc. “But, after you learn more about 2 Second Lean, it’s awesome! It’s a way of thinking to make improvements and work together as a team.”

The recent Lean Together 1.0 graduation was held at Industrial Sales & Manufacturing (ISM) who participated in the previous cohort, as well as participates in Lean Together 2.0 and the Lean Together CEO Roundtable. Companies in Lean Together are asked to complete a self-assessment with their team, at the beginning of the program and at the end, determing a 1-5 rating based on Lean Together’s 5 Ts (Transparency, Tearing Down Barriers, Trust, Teaching, and Tracking). All of the companies had a one point or greater improvement in each area, and most importantly, have started to transform their culture and have a plan for moving forward.

The recent graduates are from companies across the region, including: Advantage Precision Plastics, Electric Materials, Great Lakes Automation Services, Jones Hardwoods, McShane Welding, Onex, Peters’ Heat Treating, Specialty Fabricating and Powder Coating, Time Machine, and Wendell August Forge.

The next cohort for Lean Together 1.0 will begin in July and run monthly through April 2020 (with December off). Contact Molly Reichard for more information on how to get started at (814) 217-6067.