Lean Together ™ 2.0 sessions started today, as a follow-on to Lean Together™ 1.0 that introduces manufacturing companies to concepts from the book 2 Second Lean by Paul Akers. With a focus on growing people, Lean Together 2.0 is for the advancement of continuous improvement, specifically geared to support the 2 second improvements that companies have implemented or new improvements to be identified or developed.

The first session, facilitated by NWIRC’s Susan Hileman, addressed company culture and generational diversity. Sustaining a culture of continuous improvement can be challenging. We all have common- as well as unique- communication styles, attitudes and behaviors which influence company culture. When working with individuals who cross generational lines- baby boomers, millennials, and other generations- we also have learning styles which can affect how information is presented, received, and processed. Understanding and addressing generational traits will help your company achieve the best outcomes.

Each month for Lean Together ™ 2.0, a different subject matter expert will build upon the company’s efforts for developing a culture of continuous improvement by providing information that will contribute to their success.