The Lean Together™ working group from Mercer County recently took a field trip to Viking Plastics for their monthly session. The group focuses on the concepts of 2 Second Lean and the purpose of their visit was to see some of Viking’s successes, first-hand, including a drumbeat meeting. Viking CEO/President Kelly Goodsel and numerous employees were hosts of the special session.

Viking began their journey back in 2011 after discovering Paul Akers, author of the book 2 Second Lean. Soon after, the company implemented Viking Academy and developed a strong employee culture through its daily drumbeat meetings. Goodsel’s team includes Engineering Manager, Shawn Gross, who represented Viking at the 2015 FastCap Lean Summit (hosted by Paul Akers), as well as during a Lean Mission Tour in Japan with Paul Akers, Norman Bodek, and Ritsuo Shingo.

Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC) launched Lean Together™ as a working group for operational excellence focusing on concepts from the book 2 Second Lean. The Mercer County group kicked-off in April with facilitator and lean specialist Craig Corsi of Vie Associates. Many companies that implement Lean are challenged with maintaining momentum for additional progress. Lean Together™ is an ongoing collaborative learning program to leverage shared experiences of participant organizations and demonstrate how small incremental wins can provide continued success.