Shawn Gross, Engineering Manager at Viking Plastics

The kick-off for Lean Together™, a working group for operational excellence, is scheduled for January 17th from 8-10am at Erie’s Bayfront Sheraton Hotel. This kick-off meeting breakfast will provide an introduction to the group’s facilitator Jerry Sobrowski and feature keynote speaker Shawn Gross, Engineering Manager at Viking Plastics, discussing the company’s success
with  2 Second Lean. Shawn has represented Viking at the 2015 FastCap Lean Summit (hosted by Paul Akers, author of the book, 2 Second Lean) as well as during a Lean Mission Tour in Japan with Paul Akers, Norman Bodek, and Ritsuo Shingo and will offer insights on his experiences.

Viking Plastics initiated the 2 Second Lean journey in 2011 after discovering Paul Akers, including his videos and book. Viking has since developed a strong employee culture through its daily drumbeat meetings that occur at 7:00am, 8:30am, 3:00pm, and 11:00pm (between shifts).  During these meetings, employees discuss the Company’s financial and operational goals, develop relationships, and recognize 2-second improvements that were done to reduce waste at Viking.

As Engineering Manager, Shawn has 9 years’ tenure at Viking. He has 17 years of experience in the plastics and metal injection molding industries and is a graduate of Penn State with AS and BS degrees in Plastics Engineering. His experience includes management roles in operations, materials, and engineering, as well as engineering roles in design, processing, and program management. Throughout his career, Shawn has been involved with “going lean” initiatives and found them to all be missing the ability to integrate into the DNA of companies.  In 2011, Viking found Paul Akers and his 2 Second Lean philosophy and book.  This resulted in Viking embarking on a journey that has yielded transformative results that are sustaining.  Shawn is a member of the cultural steering committee as well as an instructor for Viking Academy.

*This Lean Together™ working group is full to capacity and enrollment is now closed. However, we are currently forming a working group with target start date in April 2017. Please contact Molly Reichard at (814) 898-6888 to be placed on the list.

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