(L-R) Bob Zaruta, NWIRC President/CEO; Craig Corsi, Lean Together Facilitator; Kelly Goodsel, Viking Plastics President/CEO; and Tom Weible, NWIRC Strategic Business Advisor

The objective of the Lean Together™ Program is to help manufacturers create, develop, and sustain a culture of lean continuous improvement through a collaborative learning platform consisting of peer to peer assistance, professionally facilitated classroom training sessions, and onsite coaching and implementation assistance. The program is geared around the concepts from the book, 2 Second Lean™, by Paul A. Akers. A new working group is scheduled to kick-off on November 16th in St Marys. The kick-off meeting will feature Kelly Goodsel, President/CEO of Viking Plastics, who will share Viking’s success with 2 Second Lean, a journey they initiated in 2011.

Lean Together™ Program Highlights:

  • 16 hours of classroom instruction (7 Sessions)
  • 4 hours onsite one-on-one coaching and implementing assistance (two 2-hour sessions)
  • “Book club” discussions on the 2 Second Lean™ book by Paul A. Akers (book included)
  • Sharing best practices and collaborative learning with peers
  • Online forum discussion group and resource center
  • Non-disclosure requirements of all participants to help ensure confidentiality

Call us if you want more information about getting involved in our Lean Together™ groups at (814) 898-6888.