John Persinger, Associate at MacDonald Illig

In a recent NWIRC newsletter article, John Persinger of MacDonald Illig mentions that manufacturers are increasingly at risk for cyber-attacks from hackers and two specific types of attacks are on the rise: (1) spearfishing and (2) intellectual property theft. John will participate in a panel discussion this month, Cybersecurity 101 for Manufacturing, to offer some legal perspectives of a company’s responsibility to protect information, whether it’s your own intellectual property or your customer’s financial data. This is a great opportunity to also address your company’s individual situation and concerns. John is an Associate with the law firm MacDonald Illig and a member of their Emerging Technologies Practice Group which helps clients identify, manage and mitigate the risks associated with new technologies, such as e-commerce stores, social media, and cloud computing.

Cybersecurity 101 for Manufacturing is a free program scheduled for February 16th from 8:30-10:00am at Knowledge Center, Erie PA.

Click here for more details on the entire panel, venue directions, and to register.

Read an excerpt from John Persinger’s article in the NWIRC’s Advisor Newsletter here.