Here is the lineup of topics and presenters for next week’s Manufacturers Growth Conference in St Marys (May 17) and Erie (May 18). All are designed to offer manufacturers best practices and practical takeaways to grow their revenue and their people.


The Art and Science of Knowledge Transfer
Learn about preserving and transferring years of employee ‘know-how’.
Scott Curtis, President/CEO, TWI Institute;
Bob Kocik, Director, Central New York Technology Development Organization (TDO);

Beyond Orientation
Discover on-boarding best practices that lead to retention and successful employees.
Kevin Smith, President, Vie Associates;

Trump Change
Gain insights about the potential impact of the new administration’s policies on your employees.
Robert Zaruta, Attorney, Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett; (Erie)
Julia Herzing, Attorney, Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett; (St Marys)

Growing People and Changing Culture
The CEO of Bliley Technologies shares experiences and lessons learned.
Keith Szewczyk, CEO, Bliley Technologies;

Diversifying into New Markets
Best practices and challenges of finding new markets and customers.
Susan Mayer, Innovation Advisor, RTI International;
Michael Griffith, Manufacturing Technology Engineer, Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC)

Re-calibrate Your Revenue Engine
New perspectives, strategies, and actions to apply for increasing sales and profits.
Bob Zaruta, President, Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC);

Creating an Inbound Lead Generation Strategy to Increase Sales
Learn the process and tactics to attract new customers thru predictable lead generation.
Joshua Curcio, COO, Protocol 80;

Intellectual Property (IP): Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks, and Trade Secrets
The ABC’s of IP and what it means to own it, exploit it, and protect it.
Jonathan D ’Silva, Attorney, MMI Intellectual Property;

Resources Designed to Fuel Business Growth
Review sources of investment capital for your company, product, or idea. 
Brian Slawin, Regional Director/Portfolio Manager, Ben Franklin Technology Partners;

Staying at the Forefront of an Uncertain Future 
The Founder and CEO of ram industrial design in Syracuse (and former Erieite) shares his story of embracing technology.
Rob Englert, Founder and CEO, ram industrial design;

Importance of Manufacturing to our Past, Present, and Future
PA State Representative Matt Gabler focuses on benefits of living and working in our region and the critical role of manufacturing.
Matt Gabler, PA State Representative; (St Marys)


The conference will be held in St Marys (May 17) and Erie (May 18) from 7:30am-4:00pm and is sponsored by PNC, Knox Law, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners. Find more details and register at