Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC) offers strategy and proven methodologies to explore new markets, attract new customers, and grow your business. For companies without the time or resources to work on growing the company, a good starting point is a sales and marketing gap analysis conducted by experienced staff at NWIRC. The analysis includes a comprehensive review of your sales & marketing system; 8-12 hours of research at no-cost to the manufacturer; and executive interview, market analysis, and competitor analysis. The final deliverable is a plan to align sales and marketing activities based on strategic direction, improved competitiveness, market diversification and sustainable business growth. Companies will receive actionable suggestions for sales & marketing improvement to implement internally, referrals to other business growth resources that match your growth goals, and access to grant funding, when available, to offset costs for business growth projects. NWIRC’s Business Growth team has a combined 30 years experience assisting manufacturers identify opportunities for sustainable market growth. Our experience, business growth tools, and network uncover deficiencies and opportunities that are challenging for those entrenched in their business to uncover.

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Download this checklist for evaluating your company’s business growth needs.