The Manufacturing Advanced Expo scheduled for May 10th in Erie will not only feature over 30 exhibitors, but education sessions as well. Cognex will present a session on Improving Process Efficiency and Increasing Product Quality Made Easy Using Machine Vision.

Learning the basics of machine vision can help simplify inspection applications and make results more reliable and repeatable by identifying defective products in process. Participants will get answers to common questions, such as: What is machine vision?; What kind of problems does it solve?; What data is available to fulfill quality reporting requirements?; What vision concepts do you need to master?; and What parts do you need to build a system?

The Expo will take place on May 10th, 12-5pm at the Ambassador Conference Center in Erie, PA, showcasing the latest advancements in automation technology, robotics, manufacturing, and how they affect and compliment the skilled workforce in northwest Pennsylvania. Vendors will demonstrate the latest manufacturing technology for a smarter and more productive shop floor. A variety of educational sessions will highlight advanced technology and applications.

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