“Specialty Metal Products recently attended the NWIRC’s Sales Process Mapping workshop. I was hoping for a few tips and tricks to help mitigate pain points in a cumbersome strategic roadmap.  What I got, was a brilliant cornerstone foundation on which to build—lending itself to centralizing and prioritizing our growth plan strategies,” said Tanya McClafferty, President of Specialty Metal Products in West Middlesex, PA. “Facilitator, Bob Zaruta, has a fantastic blend of sales management experience and real business understanding which helped simplify communication for useful sales planning, process mapping, strategic thinking, and what appears to be, infinite continuous improvement.  Bob cut through problems, focused our purpose and application, and provided tangible, measurable, scalable results.  I cannot think of a better combination or more valuable use of our time.”


If you are frustrated with your organization’s inconsistent sales performance or percentage of wins, it may be because you need to create or refine your sales process. Studies show that companies with a formal sales process consistently out-perform those who do not.  The Sales Process Mapping workshop helps small to mid-sized manufacturers become more proactive,  qualify leads more effectively, and stay in alignment with customers’ buying process. With built in milestones, world class best practices, verifiable outcomes and sales tools in your newly mapped sales process, you’ll be ready to advance opportunities with a higher probability of success leading to increased revenues and improved profitability. Contact a NWIRC Strategic Business Advisor for more information.