Michael Griffith, Manufacturing Technology Engineer at NWIRC

Michael Griffith is a Manufacturing Technology Engineer with Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC). He draws upon his analytical, organizational, and project management skills and experience to facilitate our regional manufacturers’ ability to develop and implement new or improved technology and bring new products to market. He will join Susan Mayer, Innovation Advisor for RTI International, in a presentation about market diversification and finding new customers.

Prior to NWIRC, Griffith fulfilled various manufacturing roles including product development, sales engineering, and sales and marketing management. He served five years in the US Marine Corps as a Korean Cryptologic Linguist and received both his bachelors in Chemical Engineering and Masters of Business Administration from The Penn State University.

The Manufacturers Growth Conference, hosted by Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC) will be held in St Marys (May 17) and Erie (May 18) from 7:30am-4:00pm. The event is sponsored by PNC, Knox Law, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners and information will focus on ‘growing people’ and ‘growing revenue’. Visit NWIRC’s Event Schedule to find the location near you for more details on speakers, topics, venue, and to register.