Josh Curcio, COO and Partner of protocol 80, Inc. in Bradford, PA

The upcoming Manufacturers Growth Conference will feature Creating an Inbound Lead Generation Strategy to Increase Sales. Josh Curcio, COO and Partner of protocol 80, Inc., will discuss process and tactics to attract new customers through predictable lead generation. His business helps mid-sized B2B companies and manufacturers that have a 1-6+ month sales cycle to establish a consistent stream of new quoting opportunities through their website using content-centered inbound marketing. “We find that many B2B companies and manufacturers are frustrated with the lack of ROI after repeated, substantial investments in website redesigns, SEO, pay-per-click, tradeshows, and so on. Often times, they know the web is their best bet for generating leads, but with options like social media, email, etc….they haven’t been able to find a working solution,” Curcio said. His presentation will offer manufacturers best practices, including marketing-related key performance indicators (KPI’s) that should be measured. He will explain how to improve lead generation and customer acquisition stability by reaching prospects on their own terms and how to incorporate online marketing tactics into a strategic approach focused on increasing website traffic, improving conversion rates, and closing more sales.

Curcio has a Bachelors in Communications, Advertising, Marketing & PR from the University of Pittsburgh. Established in 2002, protocol 80 is an inbound marketing agency located in Bradford PA.

The Manufacturers Growth Conference, hosted by Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC) will be held in St Marys (May 17) and Erie (May 18) from 7:30am-4:00pm. The event is sponsored by PNC, Knox Law, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners and information will focus on ‘growing people’ and ‘growing revenue’. Visit NWIRC’s Event Schedule to find the location near you for more details on speakers, topics, venue, and to register.